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September 8th - January 21st, 2024
The Artists' Copenhagen
Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Denmark
Group exhibition that zooms in on representations of the city of Copenhagen as seen through the eyes of the artists. Opening Thursday September 7th at 4-8pm

June 18th – November 18th
Creative Ecologies
Center for Contemporary Culture KRAK
(Revizor Foundation)
Hamze Hume bb, 77000 Bihać
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flower Drop. Introducing Molly Haslund
Monograph by RSS Press
303 pages, four essays, richly illustrated, English language
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SMK National Gallery of Denmark (Copenhagen)
O–Overgaden (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Wanås Konst Sculpture Park (Sweden)

Beam Editions (UK)
RSS Press

Infinite 2023

Uendelig [Infinite] was performed for the first time by Molly Haslund and her co-performer Oliver Maarup at the opening of First There Is a Mountain Wadden Tide 2023 on August 31st. They repeated Uendelig on September the 10th, 17th, 24th, and on October 1st - all dates 2pm at the beach by Blåvandshuk, Denmark Each performance was accompanied by people who came to walk together. After Molly Haslund and Oliver Maarup marked the 100 metre long and 40 metre wide infinity sign on the beach, everyone who had been watching from the dunes was invited down to the beach to walk around and around the "infinity path" for as long or short a time as they wished.

Knee-Deep 2023

Knee-Deep, a sculpture for VEGA Skola Haaninge, Stockholm, Sweden by artist Molly Haslund and architect Aspasia Balta.Commissioned in 2021, inaugurated in 2023.

Flower Drop. Introducing Molly Haslund (monograph)

Flower Drop. Introducing Molly Haslund offers an unprecedented overview of the practice of one of Denmark’s leading contemporary artists. The book presents a selection of Haslund’s work produced over the last two decades, tracking the development of her signature conceptual and material approach to both the extraordinary and the everyday.