Upcoming talks, performances, exhibitions and other news 2020–21

2021 DEN FRIE CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Den Frie Morgen, performance, June 18th 8PM-10PM, at the pedestrian crossings in front of DEN FRIE
2021 Astrid Noacks Atelier, Copenhagen, performance, end of September, dates tbc.
2021 Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev, Denmark, solo exhibition opening August 28th 

Cancellations due to Covid-19, 2020, spring 2021
2021 Solo exhibition Kunsthal 2100 (postponed > C19)
2021 Workshop Kunsthal 6100 (postponed > C19)
2021 Preparations 1 week Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev, Denmark (Canceled > C19)
2021 Solo show Gislaved Konsthal; Sweden > 2022/23
Cancellations due to Covid-19, autumn 2020
2020 Transitions, group exhibition, performance and panel discussion postponed > C19)
2020 ANA performances (postponed > C19
2020 ANA performances (postponedt > C19

Cancellations due to Covid-19, spring 2020
2020 Research 2 weeks Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev, Denmark (Canceled > C19)

2020 Astrid Noacks Atelier, Copenhagen, Denmark. Research and exhibition, Apr-Aug (Postponed > C19) 
2020 Heartland Art Program, Denmark. May 29-31. (Canceled > C19)
2020 bastard, performative reading at Copenhagen Contemporary. (Canceled > C19) 
2020 Two of my works shown at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen in 2019, became part of the collection of the SMK National Gallery of Denmark amongst 104 other works by 61 artists donated to the museum by the New Carlsberg Foundation; The site specific black-and-white photography and performance Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, National Gallery of Denmark, 2020 - and the installation 53 chairs found in the bulky waste sections of five back yards in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, April-May, 2019 (2019) On show at the SMK in 2021
DOART.DK – in English
Lily T Tiger Wells in IDOART.DK on Teenagers Eating ice Cream Cones, SMK – National Gallery of Denmark, 2020, performed twice on Oct 18th
IDOART.DK – in Danish
Nikita Pharao Munk about Hello, Do You Have a Mask?
Contact molly@mollyhaslund.com  if you like to watch the full video.