Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen (2000-2005)
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland (2003-2005)

2019 Taletid, Rønnebæksholm, group exhibition, happening and opening April 6th,
last day June 23rd
LUNDS KONSTHALL, Mårtenstorget, Lund, Sweden, public sculptures:
'Jump In Jump Out', 'Magic Circles', 'Short Cut Fountain' 
2018 LUNDS KONSTHALL,'Three Sculptures', an animation by Carina Randløv
and Molly Haslund
2018 KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, 'Tournament',
performance objects and video documents on display, July 7th–Aug. 25th
KØS Art Stage at Tapperiet, Køge performance: 'Tournament', Apr. 13th 8pm
2018 VEJLE ART MUSEUM, Vejle, Denmark, group exhibition: 
'HEX – the power of the im
age', Oct. 14th 2017–Apr. 2nd
2018 COAST CENTER THYBORØN, Thyborøn, Denmark, documentation of
costumes and grafics design: 
'The Thyborøn Trawl Dance 2017'Feb. 9th–Nov. 1st
2018 Arkiv Deluxe, LOKALE, Griffenfeldsgade 27, Copenhagen N, Denmark
Opening June 14th 5–8pm, opening June 21st  5-8pm, Opening June 28th 
Finissage June 29th 5–11pm

2017 RANDERS  ART MUSEUM, Randers, Denmark, performance objects and 
documentation of: ‘Circles’, group exhibition: IDEALS, Jun. 10th–Oct. 1th
2017 MEETINGS FESTIVAL, Thyborøn, Denmark, performance: 
‘Thyborøn Trawl Dance’, Sept. 10th
KYOTO ART CENTER, Japan, performance and exhibition:
‘Islands Chewing, Spitting Part II, III’, group exhibition: Lean Issues

2016 REFLEX16, Dragør, Denmark, performance: ‘Ghost Tent’, Nov. 19th-20th
2016 LITTLE BERLIN, Philadelphia, USA, performance and exhibition: 
‘Islands Chewing Spitting Part I’, group exhibition: Villus, Sept. 3th–30th
2016 ASTRID NOACK’S MOBILE ATELIER, Mimersparken, Nørrebro,
workshop and exhibition: ‘Corpo Planta’, Jun. 1th–30th 
2016 ORDRUPGAARD MUSEUM, Ordrup, Denmark, performance:
‘Spoon Ball’, May 26th
‘1000 Wooden Balls’, group exhibition: RE-JUVENATION, Apr. 30th–May 15th 

2015 VÄSTERÅS ART MUSEUM, Västerås, Sweden, installation:
‘Swings’, group exhibition: Here and Now, Nov. 21th–Mar. 6th
2015  HVCCA, New York, USA, performances and installation:
‘1000 Wooden Balls’,
group exhibition: Peekskill Project #6, Sept. 26th–31th
2015  GALERIE FOE, Munich, Germany, solo exhibition:
‘ASYMMETRIC GARDEN & Group Photo’, Aug. 31th–Sept. 3th
OVERGADEN. Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark,
installation and 
performance objects: ‘Cabinet Studio’ and 'Queetar', 
performances: 'Er der forskel på Betændelse' and ’Women Sing', 
group exhibition: 
Ceasefire – 100 years of Acts 
2015 NATIONAL GALLERY OF DENMARK, Copenhagen, performance: 
‘Circles’, the opening of the exhibition 'What’s happening?, Mar. 26th

Ringkøbing, Denmark, event: ‘Cup’, Nov. 15th–16th
2014 WANÅS KONST, Wanås, Sweden, sculptures: ‘Three Double Wall Bars’, 
performance: ‘Constant Hanging’, group exhibition: Dance Me!, May 18th–Nov. 2th
2014 MUSEUM JORN, Silkeborg, Denmark, performance: 'ÉTUDE No.1–19', 
the opening of the exhibition: My Jorn – 100 favorites, Oct. 3th
2014 OVERGADEN. Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark,
‘Ribbe’, group exhibition: Coming From, Aug. 23th-Sept. 14th
2014 INTER±POL, Hamburg, Germany, performance: 'I Shot John wayne’', Aug. 21th

2013 MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Roskilde, Denmark,
solo exhibition and performances: 
‘Rock Around the World’, Sept. 21th–Dec. 15th
2013 ROSKILDE MONASTERY, Roskilde, Denmark, site specific performance: 
‘Cruel Act’, part of soloexhibition 'Rock Around the World', Dec. 14th
2013 NIKOLAJ ART CENTER, Copenhagen, Denmark, performance:
’I Shot John Wayne’, Tower Session, Nov. 18th
2013 OVERGADEN. Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark,
performance: ‘In the Beginning There Was Rhythm’, Lecture Performance
Seminar, Jun. 7th–9th

2012 FRAC CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE, Reims, France, performance:
‘In the Beginning There Was Rhythm’, Reims Scènes d’Europe, Dec. 7th-8th
2012 WEST JUTLAND ART PAVILION, Denmark,  performance: ‘I Shot John Wayne’, 
group exhibition: Local Heroes, Sept. 15th–Oct. 28th
2012  MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Roskilde, Denmark, performance:
‘In the Beginning There Was Rhythm’, ACTS Festival, Jun. 17th

Selected residencies 2014 – 2017
2017 KYOTO ART CENTER, Kyoto, Japan, Apr.
2016 Flux Factory / Little Berlin, New York, USA, Aug.–Sept.
2015 Ebenböck-Haus & Gallerie FOE, Munich, Germany, Aug.–Sept.
2014 ISCP International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, USA, Jan.–Apr.

Selected talks og presentations 2013 – 2017
2018 Salon ATTENTION, 17-21 arranged by JAC Studios and Tegnestuen B33,
Birkedommervej 33, sal 3, Copenhagen NW, Denmark

2017 VALAND ACADEMY, Göteborg, Sweden, Frank Forum, Oct. 17th
2016 MEETINGS, Thyborøn, Denmark, Aug. 17th
2015 GL STRAND, Copenhagen, Denmark, Salon:
Performance - the new public art?, Apr. 23th

2013 The Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark,
Rethinking Residencies Seminar: Requiem Part II, Jun. 7th

Publikationer 2012 – 2017
2017 Pist Protta no. 80., text: ‘People on the Mountains’, Nov.
2017 BKF no. 4., cover photo and ‘the workshop of the artist’, Nov.
2014 ÉTUDE No. 1–19, Space poetry, Sept.
2012 Never? Now? Performance Art!-the publication, text: ‘Klara’s run’, Apr.

Representation at museums and collections
2015 LUND SKETCH COLLECTION, Sweden, ‘Double Wall Bars’: sketch model
2014 WANÅS KONST, Wanås, Sweden ‘Double Wall Bars’:
sculpture, instructions to the related performance ‘Constant Hanging’

2013 MFSK, MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Roskilde, Denmark,‘Circles’:
three performance objects, one framed documentation photo

Grants and honor
2017 Åge and Yelva Nimbs Fond, Honorary Award
2015 Nomination for ÉTUDE nr. 1–19, Bukdals Bet, The Narrow Literature Award
2014 The Danish Art Foundation, Three Year Working Grant