2023 H.C. Andersen Art Center/ Klostertorvet, Kalundborg, Denmark, performance: Circles, Sept. 16th 10AM-2.30PM https://www.hca-artcenter.com/
2023 Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Performance, Golden Days, performance: Jeg er havren (I Am the Oats) Sept. 1st, 7.30PM
2023 Vega Skola, Haaninge, Stockholm, inauguration of VEGA Skola and a performative presentation of Knee-Deep, sculpture and public commission by Aspasia Balta and Molly Haslund, August 26th 2pm
2023 CHART Art Fair, Public Programme, Kongens Nytorv 1, performance Flower Drop, 25th and 27th 4pm-5pm https://chartartfair.com/2023
2023 Molly Haslund / In Conversation with Bill Kelley Jr., 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, May 25, 2023, at 7pm https://18thstreet.org/event/molly
2023 FREE HANDS, Den Frie Exhibition, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, group show, Copenhagen, video documentation of People on the Ground (2022) and People on the Ground– Example live performance at the opening Apr 21nd-May 29th

2023 Wanås Konst, Sweden, Social sculpture & Molly Haslund Weekend, March 4th and 5th
2022 Åben Festival, Copenhagen, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, performance Flower Drop, Sept 9th

2022 FABRIKKEN Afd. AC #7, Amager Centret, Copenhagen, exhibition (advertising spots) May 6th-June 30th and performance, June 24th
2022 Up Close – performance art at Folkemødet, Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark, Arr. Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art and New Carlsberg Foundation, performance: Flower Drop, June 5-7pm
2022 FABRIKKEN Afd. AC, Amager Centret, Say It With Flowers, a paper flower & poem workshop with Lawrence Ebelle, Tomas Lagermand Lundme and Molly Haslund, June 12th 11am-2pm

2022 DEN FRIE CENTRE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Copenhagen, Group show, Atmosfærer – Aktion, Eufori, Melankoli, Spiritualitet, March 26th -May 29th
2022 Research trip, KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture, Bihać, Bosnia, May 12th -23rd
2022 ZVONO Award 2022, jury member with Šejla Kamerić and Ina Weise
2022 Catalog reception, Alphabet Camp, Mariaparken, Vejle, Mar. 2nd 4am-6pm
2022 Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev, Denmark, VISITED FAREWELL BALL& READING, Feb. 26th 2pm-5pm

2021-22 Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev, Denmark, Solo exhibition, VISITED, Oct 16th ´21-Feb 26th
2021 Transitions #2, The Library Hall, the Round Tower, Copenhagen, Best Friends Ring, Sept 4th-Oct 10th
2021 SMK Fridays: Thy – a dream scenario, performance: I am the Oats, Aug 20th
2021 Den Frie Morgen, Vol. 2, performance Flower Drop, Cph, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, June 18th
2021 #værkdinverden MAKE A MOVE, Vejle, Denmark, curated by Another Public. Alphabet Camp,
Thursday-Sunday through May 
2020-21 SMK national Gallery of Denmark, amongst other new works added to their collection: Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, SMK – National Gallery of Denmark, 2020 (Black-and white photography) and the installation 53 chairs found in the bulky waste sections of five back yards in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, April-May, 2019 (2019) 

2020 SMK – National Gallery of Denmark, 2020. Performance: Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, Oct 18th 
2020 Billboard Istanbul, Istanbul, Tyrkiet, Oct 5th-18th
2020  Raaderum and in collaboration with students from Hvidovre College, Denmark, performance, walk/choreography:JEG ER IKKE EN FEJL– og andre personlige statements (I AM NOT A MISTAKE–and other personal statements) + a film about it all by Christian Brems. The film (8 mins) and all of the signs on display at Hvidovre Hovedbibliotek until Oct 18th. 
2020 Free Lunch Series, Art Hub Copenhagen, Sept 22nd  
2020 Talk at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk/ Folk Art School, Holbæk, Denmark, Sept 16th, 8pm
2020 Kunsthal 2100, Coordination Models exhibition July 17th-Aug 28th and research for 2021 
2020 Astrid Noacks Atelier, Questions for Mjølnerparken, summer, 2020
2020 Metropolis, Wa(l)king Copenhagen, performance, Jun 30th
2020 UP CLOSE Performance Festival, arr. Ny Carlsberg Foundation, performance: Flower Drop, Jun 21st

2020-2019 Absolute Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan, solo exhibition: Clown Wall, Nov 30-Jan 5th

2019 Absolute Art Space, performance at the opening: Artist Statement Clown Wall, Nov 30
2019 Absolute Art Space, Open Forum: CHI Kai-Yaun ,YU Cheng-Ta, Molly Haslund, Nov 30
2019 Absolute Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan, Open Talk: Yeh Tzu-Chi and Molly Haslund, Oct 19 and 20th
2019 The Womens Museum in Denmark, Aarhus, Transitions, group, May 10-Sept 29
2019 Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, performance festival: Mellemting mellem ting, performance: Postcards and Snacks from Taiwan, Nov 21-24
2019 Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Cph, T
eenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, solo, Jun 14-Aug 25
2019 Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, performance: Is it Genuine?, at Thursday Aug 8th 5.30-6.30pm, with performers Sigrid Muraour, Steffen Galster, Sophie Pucill and Molly Haslund
2019 Statens Konstråd, Stockholm, Sweden, Choreographies of the Social, in public space, Aug 13-18
2019 Rønnebæksholm, Taletid, group exhibition. Happening at the opening April 6th, last day Jun 23rd
2018 Lund, Sweden, public sculptures: Jump In Jump Out, Magic Circles, Short Cut Fountain, Dec 14

2018 Lunds Konsthall,Three Sculptures, an animation by Carina Randløv and Molly Haslund.

2018 KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, Tournament, performance objects and video, July 7-Aug.25
2018 KØS Art Stage at Tapperiet, Køge,Tournament, performance with 11 young performers, Apr 13 8pm
2018 Vejle Art Museum, Vejle, Denmark, group: HEX, the power of the image, Oct 14 -Apr 2
2018 Coast Center Thyborøn, Denmark, documentation of
The Thyborøn Trawl Dance 2017, Feb 9-Nov 1
2018 Lokale, grup: Arkiv Deluxe, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun 14-29

2017 Randers Art Museum, Denmark, objects, photography: Circles, group: IDEALS, Jun 10-Oct 1
2017 Meetings Festival, Thyborøn, Denmark, participatory performance: Thyborøn Trawl Dance, Sept 10
Kyoto Art Center, Japan, performance and exhibition of performanceobject: Islands Chewing, Spitting Part II, III, group: Lean Issues, Apr 15-May 14

2016 Reflex16, Dragør, Denmark, participatory performance in public space: Ghost Tent, Nov. 19-20
2016 Little Berlin, Philly, USA, performance Islands Chewing Spitting Part I, group: Villus, Sept 3-30
2016 Astrid Noack's Børneatelier, Mimersparken, Denmark, workshop: Corpo Planta, June 1-30
2016 Ordrupgaard Museum, Denmark, performance with Michiel van Leeuwen: Spoon Ball, May 26
2016 Thornwillow Press INC., group: RE-JUVENATION, New York, USA, Apr. 30-May 15 

2015 Västerås Art Museum, Sweden, installation: Swings, group: Here and Now, Nov. 21-Mar 6
2015 Hudson Valley MOCA, New York, USA, performances, installation: 1000 Wooden Balls, group: Peekskill Project #6, Sept 26-31
2015 Gallerie FOE, Munich, Germany, solo: Asymmetric Garden & Group Photo, Aug 31-Sept
2015 Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, installation, performance objects: Cabinet Studio and Queetar, performances: Er der forskel på Betændelse, Women Sing, group exhibition: Ceasefire 100 years of Acts, Jun-Aug 
2015 National Gallery of Denmark, Cph, performance: Circles, opening of: What’s happening?, Mar 26

2014 The 50th Anniversary of the Danish Arts Foundation, Ringkøbing, Denmark, event: Cup, Nov 15-16
2014 Wanås Konst, Sweden, sculptures: Three Double Wall Bars, performance: Constant Hanging, group: Dance Me!, May 18-Nov 2
2014 Museum Jorn, Denmark, ÉTUDE No.1–19, performance, opening of: My Jorn 100 favorites, Oct 3
2014 Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark, installation: Ribbe, group: Coming From, Aug 23-Sept 14
2014 LECTURE PERFORMANCE – BETWEEN ART AND ACADEMIA, performance: I the Beginning There Was Rhythm , June 9
2014 INTER±POL, Hamburg, Germany, performance: I Shot John Wayne, Aug 21

2013 MOCA Roskilde, Denmark, solo exhibition, performances: Rock Around the World, Sept 21-Dec 15
2013 Roskilde Monastery, Denmark, performance: Cruel Act, solo: Rock Around the World, Dec 14
2013 Nikolaj Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, performance: I Shot John Wayne, Tower Session, Nov 18
2013 Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Cph, Denmark, performance: In the Beginning There Was Rhythm, Lecture Performance Seminar, June 7–9

2012 Frac Champagne-Ardenne, France, performance: In the Beginning There Was Rhythm, Dec 7-8
2012 West Jutland Art Pavilion, performance: I Shot John Wayne, group: Local Heroes, Sept 15-Oct 28
2012 Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark, performance: In the Beginning There Was Rhythm, ACTS Festival, June 17
2012 The Factory of Art&Design May, Performance REQUIEM PART I, June 24

2012 I Went Into a Bar, Performance at Big Wheel Night Vordingborg, Denmark, Apr 13

2011 Copenhagen Art Center Nikojaj, Songs About Poets, Dec 8
2011 Tramp Tour in Denmark with Catherine Hoffmann: Overgaden Institute for Modern Art, Hygum Art Museum, The Folk Art High School Holbæk, Ove Sprogøes Plads Odense, Linie 74, Skagen,
2011 D7 Project Room, The Best Rock Song in the World, Dec 1
2011 Beaver Projects, Cph, I Went Into a Bar, performance and exhibition, Aug 12
2011 Dining Kitchen#, Cph, I Went Into a Bar, May 19
2011 NON Performance Festival, Bergen, Songs About Poets Part II, Jan 30

2010 Contemporary Work Out Space/Toves Galleri, Cph, The Whole of My Female Mind, Oct 29

2009 REAL-Projects, Smart Addictions, exhibition and performance, Bergen, Jan 28

2008 Music for a poem by Abraham Cruzvillegas; My Brothers Friend is Dead, Part of show at CCA, Glasgow 

2006 Kelvin Grove Project, Glasgow, Skipping Rope Pillar

2005 TRAMWAY, Project Room, exhibition, Every Morning

2005 Gallery Schmaek, 7 Songs Umeå, exhibition, Umeå, Sweden
2005 Rutherglen Town Hall, Generating Form, group exhibition, Glasgow
2005 Exit MA Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, 10 Songs Pollockshields, Tramway, Glasgow
2005 EXIT 05, Degree show, Royal Danish Academy of Art Cph., Figures for Gl Strand, Gl Strand, Cph
2005 M.A.M., group exhibition, Britney Spears, Other Holy Women, Cph

2004 THE MOLLY HASLUND AWARD, durational performance around Glasgow and Cph

2003 Overview, group exhibition in public space med the school of Wall & Space/Royal Danish Academy of Art, Copenhagen. Hopscotch placeret  i Trekroner, Roskilde

2003 La Biennale di Venezia, Utopia station w. Martha Rosler /School of Wall & Space, Royal Danish Academy of Art, Cph
2002 Trapholt, Kolding, Denmark, Konglomerat, School of Sculpture, Royal Danish Academy of Art, Cph
2002 Cop Kop, Galleri Asbæk, group exhibition, The Apple Orchard, Cph 
2002 Art Parade Cph, group exhibition showing mobile works in public space, participating with Swings

Selected residencies 
2023 18th Street Residency, Santa Monica, CA 9040 April-May
2019 Absolute art Space, Tainan, Taiwan, Sept-Dec
2017 Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan, Apr
2016 Flux Factory / Little Berlin, New York, USA, Aug-Sept
2015 Ebenböck-Haus & Gallerie FOE, Munich, Germany, Aug-Sept
2014 ISCP, New York, USA, Jan-Apr

Selected talks og presentations 2013–2017
2020 Talk at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk (Art School)
2019 Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan, workshop 
2019 GMB Gladsaxe Music- and Art School, talk for teachers
2018 Salon ATTENTION, JAC Studios + Tegnestuen B33, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 Jun

2017 Valand Academy Göteborg, Sweden, Frank Forum, Oct 17th
2016 Thyborøn Sports Center, artist presentations Denmark, Aug 17th
2015 Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, Denmark, Performance–the new public art?, Apr 23
2013 The Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark, Rethinking Residencies Seminar, Jun 7th

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen (2000-2005)
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland (2003-2005)

2023 Monograph, Flower Drop. Introducing Molly Haslund.
2017 Pist Protta no. 80., text: People on the Mountains, Nov
2017 BKF no. 4., cover photo and The Workshop of the Artist, Nov
2014 ÉTUDE No. 1–19, Space poetry, Sept
2012 Never? Now? Performance Art!-the publication, text: Klara’s Run, Apr

Representation at museums and collections
2020 SMK, National Gallery of Denmark: Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, National Gallery of Denmark, 2020 (a black-and-white pre-documentation photography related to the performance holding the same titel) 53 chairs found in the bulky waste sections of five back yards in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, April-May, 2019 (2019) 
2015 Lund Sketch Collection, Sweden, Double Wall Bars: sketch model

2014 Wanås Konst, Wanås, Sweden, Double Wall Bars: sculpture, and instructions to the performance: Constant Hanging
2013 MFSK, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark, Circles Drawing Upon the Universe: performance objects, photography

Grants, support, and honor
2021 The Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2020 The Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2020 New Carlsberg Foundation and 15. Juni Foundation, supporting 2021 publication
2019 Ceramicist Mrs.Ville Chriistensens, travel grant 
2019 Statens Kunstfond, Beckett Fonden, 15. Juni Fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Overretssagfører L. Zeuthens Mindelegat, Billedkunstrådet Københavns Kommune

2017 Åge og Yelva Nimbs Fond, honorary award
2015 Nominated by Bukdals Bet, The Narrow Literature Award for ÉTUDE nr. 1–19
2014 The Danish Art Foundation, Three year working grant

Art related jobs and positions
2022-2025 Member of the Danish Arts Foundation committee for project funding
2022-2025 member of the committee of Den Frie Udstilling