Molly Haslund holds a master’s degree from The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, and a master’s degree from the Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom.
Since Haslund graduated in 2005, she has shown performance-, sculpture-, socially engaging-, and movement based works. She has exhibited and performed extensively, both in Denmark and abroad, including Glasgow, London, Berlin, Munich, New York, Philadelphia and Kyoto.

‚Ä®Haslund operates in the intersection between sculpture and performance art, integrating elements from pop culture, performing arts, literature and music into a multifaceted artistic practice. Through various strategies, Haslunds’ work explores how ideas, identities and social hierarchies are intimately connected with, and continuously negotiated through, bodily gestures, rituals, social designs and arrangements of our physical surroundings. In her performances, she occasionally integrates text and short narratives, often with a humorous twist.

With her interest in physicality related to history, social environment and the present moment, her pieces are rarely constructed or performed the same way twice but are usually developed locally or adapted to new locations in dialog with the given context.    

Recently, during the summer of 2019 in Copenhagen at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Haslunds solo exhibition Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones could be seen. Here she presented 16 new titles; From objects made of 18 carat gold, readymades, photography, to costumes, performances, video – and the imaginative virtual-reality work in which the character Hedera Helix (Latin for ivy) meets the group Gekisai Dai Ichi (Japanese for smashing and destroying) for a ritualized karate match in the backyards of Nørrebro, which could be experienced by visitors at close quarters. Scale displacements and architectural interventions in the exhibition highlight how we constantly, through external influences move into social hierarchies and situations, and how everyday rituals are used to ascribe our selves and others identity and status. All this, could also be experienced in the live performance Teenagers Eating Ice Cream Cones, performed during the preview.

In December 2018 Haslund completed her first permanent public sculptures Jump In Jump Out, Magic Circles, Short Cut Fountain commissioned by Lund Council and Lund Kunsthall.

In 2017 Haslund was Artist un Residency at KAC, Kyoto Art Center, Japan where she made experiments with costumes made of growing cress for her performance at the opening of the group show Lean Issues. In 2014 she was artist in Residence through the Danish Arts Council at the international residency program ISCP, New York. Here she developed and performed Rhythm One Choreography with audience members for the Contemporary Performance Special Effects Festival, Participants Inc., New York.

A returning field in Haslund's practice has been interactive sculptures and functional objects that all comes with appertaining set performances or instructions – as seen in the selection exhibited at MOMA, Roskilde, Denmark (2013) and the sculpture park Wanås Konst, Sweden (season 2014) Alongside Haslund has developed solo- and group performances investigating music in relation to existential and cultural issues amongst other surprizing topics.