Molly Haslund’s work is performative and sculptural, ranging from autobiographical and musical performances to scenographic installations and choreographed group performances in public space. She uses shifting strategies to explore the ways identities and social hierarchies and norms are embedded in and negotiated via gestures, cultural rituals, and the configuration of our surroundings. Concrete places, historical archives, or mundane objects and everyday situations provide the impetus for Haslund’s subtle interventions. Thematically she addresses the mechanisms of interpersonal relationships with an absurd and often humorous twist, questioning the nature of representation, contemporary socio-economic rationales, as well as individual autonomy and freedom of action in the modern world. 

Molly Haslund is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Glasgow School of Art. Since 2002 she has created performances and exhibited work nationally and internationally. She has participated in many residencies, including ISCP International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York, Absolute Art Space in Tainan, Taiwan, and Kyoto Art Center in Japan.

Haslund’s works are represented in the collections of the SMK National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, Museum of Contem
porary Art in Roskilde, Denmark, and Wanås Konst sculpture park, Sweden.