2000–2005 The Royal Danish Academy of Art
–2005 MFA Glasgow School of Art


2017 'Jeg tænker tit på det/ I Often Think About It'
Group exhibition, Strandboulevarden 156, Copenhagen
Curated by Tomas Lagermand Lundme and Al Masson.  
Randers Art Museum, Denmark
'IDEALER', group show June 10th–Oct 1st
'Thyborøn Trawl Dance', Thyborøn, Denmark
A modern folk dance for Thyborøn, performed and taught
in Thyborøn on Sept 10th.
Curated and arranged by ET4U. Part of MEETING, video
and performance festival in West Jutland 2017–2019. 
In colaboration with Will Owen and Helle Fuglsang. 
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation
 Randers Art Museum, Denmark
'Spektakel Festival' June 8th–11th
2017 KAC, Kyoto Art Center, Japan
'lean Issues' group exhibition April 15th–May 14th
Performance 'Islands Chewing Spitting Part I, II, III'
Cress sponsored by SONNENTOR organic products
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

2016 REFLEX 16, Dragør Denmark
'Ghost Tent', performances Nov 19th & 20th 
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation 
2016 Gl. Holtegaard, Denmark
'Circles' performance, Oct 2nd 
VILLUS, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, USA 
Sept 3rd–30th. Group exhibition with Andrew  
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Corpo Planta, June 1st–June 30th
An exhibition and a workshop in process. 
Astrid Noacks Børneatelier, Mimersparken, Cph
Final performance June 30th with Kristoffer Raasted, 
Molly Haslund and kids from Mimersparken.
New Plant costumes with designer 
Vibe Johansson.
September 1st & 2nd
'Circles' by the shopping centre Bryggen 
2016 Ordrupgaard Museeum May 26th
Inaguration of 'Vær i vejret' by Olafur Eliasson
Spoon Ball performance by Molly Haslund with
assistance from  Michiel Tange van Leeuwen
2016 Re-Juvenation – Through an urban perspective
Group Show, Apr 30th–May15th, 
Newburgh, New York, Thornwillow Press Inc.
2016 Västerås Art Museum, Sweden

November 21st 2015–March 6th 2016
'Här och nu' with Anton Alvarez, Jacob Dahlgren,
Molly Haslund and Lina Nordenström 


Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art
'Peekskill Project 6'
, art in public, Sept 27th–Dec 3st
'Circles' performances:
Sept 27th 100 North Water Street
, Oct 10th Farmers
, Oct 17th HV Center for Contemporary Art 

'1000 Wooden Balls' performances: 

Oct 24, HV Center for Contemporary Art
, Nov 8th, 
Nov 11th, Dec 5th at 100 North Water Street 
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation
Galerie FOE Aug 31–Sept 13
'assymetric Garden & Group Photo'
Aug 31st Eröffnung & Performance
mit Anna McCarthy, Gabi Blum, Molly Haslund
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation
2015 OVERGADEN Institut of Contemporary Art, Cph
'Våbenhvile LIVE'; Molly Haslund music video premiere, 
performances and readings august 9th.  
2015 OVERGADEN Institute of contemporary Art, Cph
'Våbenhvile –100 års forestillinger'
Performances and concerts June 18th
Jomi Massage,Tomas Lagermand Lundme,  
Molly Haslund with band performs a new song, 
Marie Hansen and Molly Haslund choir 'Kvinder Synger'
2015 OVERGADEN Institute of Contemporary Art, Cph
'Våbenhvile – 100 års forestillinger'
Group show, June 5th–August 9th, 
Kurateret af Tomas lagermand Lundme.
2015 National Gallery of Denmark, March 25th
'Circles', performance by the entrance of the Museum
at the opening of the exhibition ‘What’s happening?'
March 26th–Aug 2nd 
2015 National Gallery of Denmark, performance 'Circles'
at First Friday, April 17th. This Friday focuses on the
kind of art that involves itself directly in social issues 
exploring art from the 1960s and 1970s in the exhibition
What’s Happening?
2015 Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen
'100 Years Grønningen' March 7th
Performance 'I Went to an Aniversary Exhibition' 
Musical performance 2011/2015 at the opening of
the aniversary exhibition.
Performance held in Danish, songs in English

2014 'Stævne'– an event celebrating the Danish
Arts Council 50ths Aniversary at Vestjyllands Højskole.
Performances in Ringøbing Nov 15th 
Performance at Vestjyllands Højskole Nov 16th
2014 WANÅS KONST, exhibition 'Dance Me'
Performance 'Constant Hanging' Nov 1st & 2nd
2014 WANÅS KONST, exhibition 'Dance Me'
Performance'Constant Hanging' Aug 13th between 
2014 WANÅS KONST, Sweden 
May 18th–Nov 2nd, exhibition 'Dance Me'! 
with Tadashi Kawamata, Sigalit Landau, Molly Haslund,
Skånes Dansteater, Rachel Tess, Christian Jankowski, 
Salla Tykkä. Sculptures, objects, performances, dance
and video work.
2014 Open Studios ISCP, New York
International Curatorial & Studio Program
1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 
Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th 
Friday 25th, studio 207 performance 'Parallel Action'
2014 Astrid Noacks Atelier Sept 15th–Oct 15th 
ANA LOKAL, weekley exhibitions in Astrid Noacks 
Atelier based on research and interventions in the 
local area, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

2014 Museum Jorn 3 Oct, 'Min Jorn – 100 favoritter' 
Performance 'ÉTUDE No.1–19'
2014 PERFORMANCErum Sept 26th
'Circles' performed by the gallery Spanien 19C
Kalkværksvej 5A, Aarhus
Presentation at Rum46 with Sian Robinson Davies, 
Hannahlisa Kunyik and Molly Haslund
2014 'ÉTUDE No.1–19 // JUTLAND'
Exhibition & book launch, Sept 5th–21st 
Fortællegalleriet Holstebro, Denmark 
2014 OVERGADEN. Institut of Contemporary Art, Cph
group exhibition 'Coming From', Aug 8th–Sept 9th  
2014 CAW, Copenhagen Art Week Aug 29th–Sept 7th
2nd September at Superkilen:
Saloon by Superflex, Intervention 'meal' v. Aabille,
'Circles' performance by Molly Haslund
2014 Museum Jorn Silkeborghus Aug 22nd–23rd
'PALAIS IDEAL' – a group of performance artists,
musicians, designers and architechts investigates
situationist methods and invitesto a party.
Curated by Johan Carlsson.
2014 INTER±POL, Hamborg
Performance 'ÉTUDE nr. 1–19' Aug 21st
Gallerie FOE,156 Bürgerpark, München 
2014 Südbühne Zürich 11–13 July
'LASS ES RAUS!' performances in public space. 
'Object Match' performance July 12th 
'Circles' performace July 12th
2014 Factory of Art & Design, Cph May 24 
Performance 'People On The Mountains'
For the inauguration of 'Sundholm Bakker'  
2014 Contemporary Performance; 
Special Effects Festival, New York Jan 11th &12th
Performance 'Rhythm One Choreography'

2013 MOCA, Roskilde, Museum of Contemporary Art
'Rock Around The World', Sept 16th–Dec 15th
New and retrospective Coordination Models in the city
of Roskilde. Performances on specific locations during 
the time of the exhibition; 
'Circles' opening performance + five following Saturdays. 

'Cruel Act performance at Roskilde Monastry Dec 14th
2013 Cph Art Center Nikolaj, performance Nov 28th
Performance 'John Wayne & Other Etudes' 
2013 OVERGADEN. Institute of Contemporary Art, Cph
Seminar Lecture Performance July 11th
'In The Beginning There Was Rhythm'
2013 PERFORMANCErum at Rum46 Aarhus, Denmark
Jan 25th. Performance 
'John Wayne and Other Etudes'

2012 FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, 
Reims Scènes d’Europe Dec 7th & 8th
Performances National Anthems, 'I Went into a.....' 
Performance 'In The Beginning There Was Rhythm' 
2012 Wundergrund Festival, Oct 31st
Fluxus interruptus vs. Game show 
Musical performance Étude land, Etude by' 
2012 Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, 
Group exhibition Local Heroes, Okt 27 & 28 
Performance 'John Wayne and Other Etudes'
2012 Tour Germany 'Songs About Poets'
Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig, June 21st, 
Akademie der Bildende Künste, Leipzig June 23rd 
Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin Apr 9th
2012 Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, 
ACTS Festival of Performative Art June 17th
'In The Beginning There Was Rhythm'

2011 Copenhagen Art Center, Nikojaj 
'Songs About Poets' Dec 8th
2011 Copenhagen Contemporary 
'The Best Rock Song in The World' Dec 1st
2011 Beaver Projects, Cph, 
'I Went Into a Bar',  Opening Aug 12th
2011 Dining Kitchen#,, Cph May 19th
Performance premiere 'I Went Into a Bar'
2011 NON Performance Festival, Bergen 
'Songs About Poets Part II' Jan 30th

2010 Contemporary Work Out Space/Toves Galleri, Cph
Song 'The Whole Of My Female Mind'
2009 REAL Projects, Bergen
'Smart Addictions' exhibition and performance.
2008 Music for a poem by Abraham Cruzvillegas;.
'My Brothers Friend Is Dead' as part of AC's exhibition
at CCA, Glasgow 
2006–2010 making and touring performances all over
Europe with Lone Twin Thearte(UK)
2005 TRAMWAY, Project Room exhibition 
'Every Morning', photography.
2005 '7 Songs Umeå',  Gallery Schmaek, Umeå, Sverige

Duo-work in collaboration with Catherine Hofmann(UK)

2013 Factory of Art & Design Cph, June 6th
Rethinking Residencies Seminar, performance
'Requiem Part II', song 'Residency in Berlin'
2013 Charlottenborg Palace, 'Requiem Part II', Nov 1st
re.act.feminism #2 a performing archieve.
BAC Battersea Arts Centre 
'Requiem Part II', London May 23rd–25th
2012 The Factory of Art & Design, 
Performance 'Requiem Part II', Cph May 4th
The Factory of Art & Design May, 
Performance 'Requiem Part I', June 24th
The Tramp Tour' in Denmark, June–July: 
Overgaden Institute for Modern Art,
Hygum Art Museum, The Folk Art High School Holbæk,
Ove Sprogøes Plads Odense, Linie 74 Skagen
Conference and Performance Festival, 
Performance ’Singing Leipzig’ 

2007 CCA, Center of Contemporary Art, 
'It's Not About Us', Glasgow

KAC, Kyoto Art Center, Apr 1st–30th
Ebenböckhaus, München, Aug15–Sept 15th
Residency Flux Factory, New York, Sept– Dec
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and HVCCA,
Hudson valley center for Contemporary Art

2014 ISCP International Studio and Curatorial Program,
New York City Jan–Apr 
2013 Live Art Development Agency, London 
& Battersea Arts Centre Apr–June 
Supported by The Danish Arts Council 
2012 AIR: Cph, The Factory of Art & Design
2012 Residency at Performer Stammtish, Berlin
Supported by The Danish Arts Council 
2008 Creative LAB residency, CCA Glasgow

 Jury member at Charlottenborg Palace Spring
Exhibition, Copenhagenen. Jury members artist
FOS (DK), artist Molly Haslund (DK), designer Anton
Alvarez (SE/CL), architecht Anders Abraham (DK) og
curator Thorsten Sadowsky (CH)
20102011 Member of the artistic committee, 
Warehouse 9, Copenhagen
2015 Salon at GL STRAND, April 23rd
Arts & Globalization Conference 'Performance
- the new public art?'
Artist presentations and panel discussion with Lilibeth
Cuenca Rasmussen, Molly Haslund, 
Jørgen Callesen. 
Moderator: Matthias Hvass Borello
Participatory performance by Molly Haslund
2013 Rethinking Residencies Seminar, panel discussion.
Factory of Art & Design Cph, June 6th 

2008 Panel member, CCA Glasgow, 
Creative LAB Residency

2017 University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 
Talk on resent works. Tuesday Oct 17th. 
Workshop at 'Talenttræf' Næstved 
Nov 17th–19th 
2015 Arken, Museum of Modern Art.
Talks and workshops for BGK Students.
2015 Talk at Holbæk Art High School
 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Apr 4th. 
Talk and workshop with focus on humor in
performance art.

2010 Seven o 'clock Performer, CMYK, Cph 
Curating 12 monthly performances.
2011 Curator and organizer at Feminists In Space, 
International Feminist Performance Art Festival,
Warehouse 9, Copenhagen 

2015 Wanås Konst # 14
 ÉTUDE No.1–19 // JUTLAND 
Book published by Space Poetry

2012 'Never? Now? Performance Art! – the publication'
2007 LARM, book and online archive 
2006 Hjort Fanzine, Umeå, Interview and CD track #4

2017 Aage og Yelma Nimb Foundation Honary Award
Danish Arts Foundation Three Year Working Grant
–2017 The Danish Arts Foundation Production Fund
The Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Arts

2014 Akademiraadets travel grant.
2013 The Danish Art Workshops SVK
2013 Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond
2013 Live Art Development Agency, London
2013 Battersea Art Centre, London
2012 The Factory of Art & Design /CPH:AIR
2012 The Yard, London
2004 Marie Langhof's Grant
2003 Ragnvald & Ida Blix Fond